An Overview over Pimcore Backend

You can checkout the pimcore backend by yourself. Simply go to the Pimcore Demo Page and you can follow along:

As well as the link to the Documentation here: Pimcore Overview Documentation

Assets - Data Asset Management (DAM)

Assets are files that can be managed within the Pimcore system which you can organize in folders. The most common assets are images. Other kinds of common assets are PDF or MS Word documents which people can download from the website. Pimcore is able to render preview images for most file types.

Documents - Enterprise Content Managment (CMS/UX)

Documents are the CMS part of Pimcore and are the way to go for managing unstructured contents using pages, content snippets and navigations.

Data Objects - Product Information and Master Data Management (PIM/MDM)

Objects are the PIM part of Pimcore and are the way to go for managing structured data within Pimcore. Based on a class definition that defines structure and attributes object can be used for pretty much any structured data – may it be products, categories, persons, customers, news, orders, blog entries, … For the attributes many datatypes (simple ones and really complex ones) are available.


File Menu

  • Perspectives
  • Dashboards
  • Open Document/Asset/Data Object
  • ...

Tools Menu

  • Glossary
  • Redirects
  • Translations
  • Recyclebin
  • Bundles
  • Notes & Events
  • Application Logger
  • GPDR Data Extractor
  • Email
  • Maintenance Mode
  • System info & Tools

Marketing Menu

  • Reports
  • Tag & Snippet Management
  • QR Codes
  • Personalization / Targeting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Reports
  • Marketing Settings
  • Matomo / Piwik

Settings Menu

  • Document Types
  • Predefined Properties
  • Predefined Asset Metadata
  • System Settings
  • Website Settings
  • Web to Print Settings
  • Users / Roles
  • Thumbnails
  • Data Objects
  • Static Routes
  • Cache
  • Admin Translations
  • Tag Configuration
  • Icon Library

Onlineshop Menu

  • only available if ecommerce framework bundle is installed
  • Pricing Rules
  • Backoffice

Customer Management Framework

  • only available if customer management framework bundle is installed
  • Customers
  • Customer duplicates
  • Customer automation rules

Search Menu

  • Quick Search
  • Dicuments
  • Assets
  • Data Objects


  • Notifications
  • Send Notification
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